Don't forget to include your pets!

They always have a special place in our families.

So if you like my photos and would like to book a session for you, your family or have an event you'd like to capture don't hesitate and give me a call or simply write.

We can discuss and choose a package which is the most suitable for you.

Based in Kent

Joanna Clark




I am a freelance photographer with passion. I love capturing those precious family moments and share

emotions of the day. Weddings, Christenings, Birthday Parties or just simply Family shoots give me so much pleasure, to be able to make those days even more special by delivering photos which will become beautiful

memories for years.


Our lives become so busy and I often feel like I'm in the fast lane. We are getting older; children growing up so quickly

so why not stop for a minute and catch those moments.

Print photos, make albums, put them on the walls - so you can always

come back to them and bring back your best memories.

That's what I do!


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